Top Rated Tourist Attractions in Ohio

Ohio has been is not one of the places on earth swarmed by tourists because of the beautiful spots one can find in it mostly because it’s misunderstood but As Ohio goes is going to change that! If you are someone who does not have the knowledge on where to start, here are the top 3 places that you should not miss on your visit to Ohio. Visiting these places will surely leave you with a memorable experience.

For those who value the environment…

A good pick would be the Stan Hywet and garden. Obviously, the view of the garden is so refreshing knowing that Ohio has busy streets too. It is quite nice to see a view of nature in the midst of a highly developed place.

For those who value learning and the arts…

cleaveland_museumThe Cleveland Museum of Art is a perfect destination. This museum has been built as early as 1916. This has been a home for European, Asian and American art pieces with the addition of more pieces as the years pass.

You can also find the Wright Brothers National Memorial in Ohio which may come to sate your thirst for learning. It is the same place where the Wright brothers have built the first ever airplane. And at this same spot, they have also learned how to fly one.

For those who value fun and leisure…

The Cedar Point is the place to stay. This is an amusement park and resort in one. Roller coaster rides, carousels and water rides are just some that you may want to try riding into with your family and friends. These rides are less intense compared to other amusement parks which mean that you can even tag your children along with the rides.

The park can house guests too. You can go camping in its wide space. But if you are less adventurous, you can go for a cabin accommodation. There are also luxury hotel suites in the resort if you would like a special treatment.


As what you can clearly see, there is a place for everyone in Ohio. All the types of fun, leisure and learning activities can just be achieved while roaming around the places it covers.


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