As Ohio Goes Stand-up

A look back at the 2012 election in Ohio with allegations of voting suppression by mandated hours that did not include weekends, which is when most people voted! – As Ohio Goes so goes the nation!

5 Wacky Things To See In Ohio


One of the wacky things to see in Ohio is the pencil sharpener museum in Nelsonville. This place is filled with over 30,000 pencil sharpeners that are collected by Paul Johnson. It includes glass, plastic, as well as metal antique and modern models. So if you have nothing to do in Ohio, might as well take your chance to visit this place.


The Zanesville “Y” Bridge is where you can cross and you will still be on the same side of the river where you started. It’s called that way because it is shaped like the letter “Y”. It has been built several times so if you’re interested to see how it looks like, why don’t you pay it a visit if you have enough time?


This museum is one of the places that you should never miss when you’re in Ohio. This is housed in an old school and it has the world’s largest Lego collection. If you want to see the home of the world’s largest LEGO brick image, you should take a trip and go to Bellaire.


Degenhart Paperweight Museum features 4,000 paperweights that are collected by the late Elizabeth Degenhart. This museum is filled with exhibits as well as video programs about paperweights. If you want to see this place, just go to Cambridge.


If you want to see the world’s largest horseshoe crab, might as well take a trip and go to Blanchester and see the 55 feet long and 25 feet wide crab.

These are just 5 of the wacky things that you will see in Ohio. If you’re in Ohio and you want to make your stay a little less boring, then you should not miss your chance to see these things.

5 Reasons Why You Should Go To Ohio State Fair Next Year

fairThe 161st Ohio State Fair will be held in July 23, next year so if you want to witness a wide variety of entertainment options for kids and adults, then you shouldn’t miss your chance to go to the state fair. Below are 5 reasons why you should be present in next year’s state fair in Ohio.

  1. LIQUOR. You won’t be allowed to bring beer and wine around in many areas so might as well check go to the state fair and get your hands on expensive liquor.
  2. ART. The fine arts exhibition may be a little too easy to forget but the exhibition next year will be out-of-this-world! The art exhibition features a variety of working styles of artists throughout the state. If you think this year was boring, then next year won’t be.
  3. FIREWORKS. You may be able to watch the fireworks from afar but it will be better if you get a front row seat and watch them.
  4. ETHNIC FOOD. Ethnic foods are more than elephant ears, corn dogs, and pizza! There is a wide variety of foods that you can only find in the state fair in Ohio.
  5. MUSIC. If you love music and concerts, then you should really be in Ohio next year.

If you don’t want to miss these things, plan your trip to Ohio see As Ohio Goes next year especially if you’re from another state!

Why Are Custom Koozies So Popular?

My favorite koozieWhy are beer sleeves or koozies popular? According to so many people who collect custom koozies, this invention is actually the second best thing to beer. A Study on Lifehacker tested to see how koozies work. It’s is actually a small sleeve-like material that hugs beer bottles or beer cans; the main purpose of a koozie is to keep ice-cold beer cans from getting warm. A warm beer is tasteless and uninviting and this is what beer makers and beer drinkers would like to avoid.

But why are koozies really very popular these days? It is actually because of the following reasons:

  1. It is because there are more and more beer drinkers everywhere. Beer is the most popular social drink and you can never find anyone who has never drank one. This is why koozies are available in different sizes. There are small ones to fit standard beer cans and larger and slimmer koozies to fit beer bottles.
  2. They are not just for beer, it may also be used for other beverages and with new materials like neoprene, foam, closed foam and EVA foam, there are more uses for the lowly. Neoprene for instance is used for diving suits; aside from preventing drinks from warming up it will also keep hot drinks from getting cold.
  3. They are very popular simply because it is versatile. The outer portion of a custom koozie may be designed in just about any way possible. If you have a business and you are looking for marketing strategy then  beer sleeves may be the best way to do it. Large and successful businesses place their logo or their initials on the outer portion them. If you have a tag line or a slogan then you may also place it on your koozie. And of course don’t forget that you may also place your business contact information on your can coolers; your brand, business address, phone number and email address will fit perfectly on the outer portion.
  4. The versatility of a custom koozie is stretched to the limits as one can place almost anything over the neoprene or foam material. It is the perfect company souvenir, a wedding giveaway, a gift for business patrons and the most suitable present for any beer-drinker. It is a popular, simple, practical and economical gift that you may want to consider this coming holiday season.